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As a financial advisor, the issue is commonly, “where do I find the right clients?” If you want to specialize in handling investor’s retirement funds, and particularly their IRA distributions and qualified plan distributions, then the above links will help you immensely. It’s the combination of the technical and marketing aspects that are important. For example, once you use the marketing tools to meet a prospect, it’s your technical understanding of IRA distribution issues that has you ask such powerful questions as:

  • who are your IRA beneficiaries (and when they mention their children, you can explain that by NOT leaving IRA assets to a trust, those assets are subject to creditors and spouses who become ex-spouses)
  • if one of your beneficiaries predecease you, who gets their IRA distribution share (most investors know nothing about per stripes and per capita issues and that their custodian will make the allocation decision)
  • do you still have assets in a qualified plan? (bad news for beneficiaries as most plans will not allow a non-spouse beneficiary to stretch the IRA)

Therefore, the perfect combination is to have the technical education that you can quickly obtain and then use the marketing tools to attract a continuous stream of affluent IRA owners for competent IRA distribution planning, advice and management.

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